Friday, February 15, 2008

"Working from Home"

I have a hard time keeping up with all the nonsense that needs to be done at home. Of course, I get help from my husband, but I still haven't recovered from the 3.5 years that he was working in another city and thus was only here on weekends. I don't ask for enough help. And maybe there is not enough help available - it doesn't seem like either of us spends an inordinate amount of time sitting around doing nothing. We both bring work home, and then there are the two children that, for some reason, always seem to need the most attention just when you are trying to get something big done, like cleaning the fridge out or doing the laundry.

About once a month, or so, I just can't take it anymore - the house is disgusting, there are half finished organizational tasks strewn about, nobody has any clean clothes, and I realize we have some extra stuff on the agenda that reduces the amount of time I have to try and get things under control over the weekend. So I snap! And I decide to "work from home" for a day. Usually I say that I'm going to do data analysis, or work on some writing that has been put on the back burner for too long. And I tell myself that I'll just spend a couple of hours putting a few things in order around the house. I'll just get that done first, so that I can work in a tidy environment. It never, ever works out that way.

Take today, for instance. All the conditions for the snap had been met by Wednesday of this week. There are toys strewn all about that have no home. The new storage units I bought for the toys last weekend are only partially assembled, and nobody can walk through the Things' room because I have shoved everything into the middle of the room to make way for the construction. The laundry pile is even larger and smellier than ever. I need to get the guest lecture I will be giving on Wednesday planned and PowerPoint slides made. And we are having a birthday party for Thing 2 on Sunday.


I finished assembling the units, put most of the toys away in them, and vacuumed the Things' bedroom. It had been a lot longer since I'd done this than usual, so it was quite a big job. I lugged all the debris from the storage units down to the recycling bin in the basement of our building. The I decided that since I had the vacuum cleaner out, I might as well do the living room, too. It's now about 1:30, and I am considering tackling the laundry in between making slides. Oh, yeah! I need to get detergent. Maybe while I'm out I'll just pick up a helium canister and balloons for Sunday, and didn't my husband want to get Thing 2 a couple more presents...

I'm going to be up all night on Tuesday trying to get that lecture done.

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