Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hallo-meme Fun

Thanks to BikeMonkey's tag, Thing 1, Thing 2 and I all carved pumkpins this evening. with some help from hubby. I usually put it off until the night before Halloween, or just as we are getting ready to roam the streets in search of candy (or the best spooky house, whichever comes first).

I don't have quite the mad skills that BikeMonkey displayed on his pumpkin, but I think Thing 1 has quite a way with the knife - she carved this one entirely on her own!

This one is mostly hubby's interpretation of the sketch Thing 2 laid down on her pumpkin. By the way, this is what I overheard behind my back as they opened up the pumpkin:
hubby: Look, inside! It's pumpkin goop!
Thing 2: Oh! Pumpkin goop!
hubby: I like pumpkin goop. [smacking of lips]
Thing 2: You like pumpkin goop? [smacking of smaller lips] I like pumpkin goop, too!

And now, I tag Julie R (and twins), ScienceMama (and Bean) and Fia (and her two little ones). Happy Halloween!!


BikeMonkey said...

Is that a saucy Palin wink on Thing2's?

acmegirl said...

You might be right! That'll make it oh so much more fun to trash that when it begins to rot!

Fia said...

They made them themselves/drew the outline themselves? That is so nice. I love it most when kids see the pumpkins lit up for the first time and get all large round eyes...
I've answered your meme :-).

acmegirl said...

Yep. Thing 2 has just started to try to draw something that approximates a face. It's so cute. We let Thing 1 cut all by herself for the first time this year. We have one of those little saws that came in a pumpkin carving kit, so I wasn't too worried that she'd cut herself.