Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Words of the Week

Thing 1 brough home this week's words of the week from school. Therefore, I cannot provide an actual sentence in which they were used. But I can give you the definitions in her own words:

  • transparent: allowing light to pass through through undisturbed
    "Transparent is when all of the light goes through an object."

  • translucent: allowing light to pass through, but scattering it along the way
    "Translucent is when only some of the light get through."

  • opaque: permitting very little light to pass through
    "Opaque is when NO light gets through."

Her class has apparently begun the unit on optics. I asked Thing 1 the other night what she had learned in physics class that day. She asked me what was I talking about. I said, "Well, I had an email from your teacher, and he mentioned that you were going to start talking about reflection, soon..." To which she replied, "Mom, that's OPTICS!" And gave me a look as if to say, "How could you not know that, Mom. I thought you were a scientist!"

So I explained to her that optics is a branch of physics. She insisted that I should only ever call it optics, anyway. What the heck are they teaching these kids?